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Issue No. 8 (March 8, 2001)

Tomorrow I will make a speech at the Foreign Correspondents' Club

As I mentioned before, I will give a speech at the Foreign Correspondence Club on March 9, from 12:30. The speech and questions and answers at the Club enjoy a good reputation. It was the question asked at the Club that has made a fire on the money scandal of TANAKA, Kakuei.
I think it very respectable for the Club to invite the leader of a party without a name.

Political events, unlike thunders or earthquakes, do not suddenly happen one day.
In addition to it, most of the challenges of politicians end up unrealized.
I think it a responsibility of journalism to watch even a small challenge, but the journalism of Japan today only report the aftermath or just make a superficial explanation of the matter.

I feel the strength and soundness of foreign journalism as they wish to listen to my speech.
I would like to show my respect in this regard and try as hard as I can to tell my idea.
My speech and the atmosphere of the meeting will be displayed on my web site with an assistance of Mr. Fukunaga, who is voluntarily doing the job.

Katsuhiko Shirakawa

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